Thank you for your interest in our products! We are thrilled to be featured once again on Martha Stewart’s Television Show on Custom Made Pearl Jewelry. Please click here to read the article featuring our products on the Martha Stewart website.

Below is a thumbnail of the plain round glass pearl beads. Click it to open the full-size image. The Martha Stewart Show uses plain round glass pearl beads in sizes 10mm and 12mm. We stock sizes from 3mm through 14mm that are sold in dozen strings bundles, as shown by Martha.

Click here for the full-size image. Style # Size Beads per
Dozen Strings*
$ per Dozen Strings
LV1760 3mm 1600 $20.00
4mm 1200 $16.00
6mm 800 $18.00
8mm 600 $20.00
10mm 480 $36.00
12mm 400 $48.00
Click here for the full size image. 14mm 342 $60.00
16mm 312 $84.00
18mm 276 $144.00
20mm 240 $444.00
*All beads are sold strung, on 16” strings. The bead per string count is approximate.

We also carry a complete line of tools, crimps, threads, needles and glues. In addition to the pearls, the following items can be used in making this project:

Click here for the full-size image. Style # Item Quantity Price
RR3222 Clear Monofilament Thread 100 yards $2.00 each
RF#09 Goldtone Crimp Bead 300 piece pack $10.00 each
RR3100/09 English Beading Needles 25 piece pack $4.00 each
RR3107 Multipurpose Beading Needles 65 piece pack $6.00 each
RR2018 527 Beacon Cement 2 oz. $4.95 each
Click here for the full size image. RR2131 Bead Crimping Tool 1 $10.00 each

Check out our web site at for other styles you might want to add to your designs. Click on our Tools and Supplies Tab to see more items useful in creating your styles!

Please email, call, or fax in your orders. Our office is open Monday-Friday, 9 A.M to 5 P.M. We accept Amex, Visa, M/C, and Discover. Our orders are normally shipped via UPS, and freight charges are actual UPS rates based on the weight of your order and shipping address. We do not add on an additional shipping or handling charge.

Due to the huge response we have received, we are currently unable to send our print catalog, but please use our online catalog to browse our items. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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